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The Leicestershire Repeater Group was formed in April 1975 with the aim of promoting the interests of amateur radio, and in particular to design, build and maintain electronic apparatus known as repeaters, and kindred equipment.

A Repeater is a relay system primarily for mobile and portable radio users. Such as from the car or on foot. Located high up in Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, our systems extend your range by many miles and beyond the county.

We do this by re-broadcasting your VHF, UHF, microwave or TV signals.

The complex radio beacons and switching equipment are maintained by members and helpers

We welcome membership and donations from anybody who has an interest in our operations, please click here for more information regarding membership or you can make a donation by clicking on the Donate button *Please do not use this button to pay your membership*

We recommend that all users of our repeaters read the RSGB information regarding repeater abuse, this includes links to the OFCOM information sheet which is available here

We currently operate four repeaters and four beacons, more information on each repeater and beacon (including status) is available by clicking on the ☰ icon at the top left hand corner of this window.

Mobile and Tablet users will find the main navigation menu on the top right of their screen identified by the ☰ icon