Thought to have been written by Jack Hum, G5UM (The editor at the time)

Summer 1981 issue.

In business circles and indeed in many enthusiast societies an annual general meeting is a dull occasion to be avoided if at all possible. Not so in amateur radio. Some of the liveliest and most controversial meetings of the national body have been those RSGB "annual generals" when anything could happen-- and often did.

Ditto the annual general meetings of the Leicestershire Repeater Group, and the 29 March event in particular: it was evident that the membership anticipated its importance, for nearly half a hundred of them turned up at the Red Cross HQ in Leicester that afternoon.

Even in lively societies like the LRG it must be rare indeed for four persons to be nominated for the hot seat of chairman, and rarer still for two of them to tie for first place. Even more amazingly, when a second ballot was held to select either G3STG or G8SWL for the post each received 19 votes. You simply couldn't hold a third ballot after that without protracting the proceedings unduly, so retiring-chairman G3XKX did a "blind draw" to pick one of them, and G3STG emerged as leader of the band for 1981-2. The talents of G8SWL were by no means lost: he soon round himself in the post of hon treasurer in succession to G4EPN and his record of excellent stewardship on the accountancy front.

Former chairman G4AFJ was returned with enthusiastic acclaim to the vital job of hon sec. And there were several new faces for the new committee.

An onlooker must have felt a special warm sympathy for the four members who were saddled with-- no, freely undertook-- really tough jobs, namely, Project Engineers... G4FZL for "Charlie Fox", G8MZY for GB3LE, and G8CAC for the 'LEX beacon, along with Fund Raising Engineer G3XKX. If any of those individuals fails in any substantial measure, then the LRG does.

One useful accretion of funds that was reported was a donation of £25 from the ARRA in recognition of the excellent talk-in facilities which the LRG provided at the last Granby Halls Show. But many more accretions of funds will be required during 1981/2. Members themselves can help by prompt payment of subs, and also by making the LRG more widely known in places where it isn't.